The studio is designed to provide an intimate, homely environment for musicians to feel comfortable and free to perform their art as passionately as possible. The studio has a 41 square meter combined live and control room and a smaller 12 square meter acoustically dead recording room which provide a very personal recording experience and top notch sound without distractions. There’s also a kitchen and break room, toilets and the usual necessities to get you through the session comfortably!

The studio is run by me, producer and engineer Jarkko Mattheiszen. I have over fifteen years of experience working on a diverse field of music and sound, both in the studio and in live settings. My main thing is all forms of rock and metal, but having worked on a diverse field of genres ranging from heavy stoner doom to electronic ambient, and with both independent artists and large record companies, my expertise is not limited to any specific sound. As longs as the music is good and comes from the heart, it’s got my full attention and passion!

The equipment and setup is a hybrid combination of the convenience and efficiency of modern technology and the sound and vibe of weird vintage gear. Some of the gems include classic apparatuses such as an original 1976 Matamp White GT120 amp and a Roland RE-501 tape echo and chorus.



I can record everything from voice-overs to full bands, and micing up a good band is what I live for. You can record either track by track or live with everyone rocking out just like you would when performing on stage. The studio is constantly ready to start recording your music with minimal setup and hassle so you can concentrate on what’s important – your art.


Mixing is the stage where the recorded raw sounds are shaped into a coherent, awesome recording. In addition to mixing material recorded here, I also do lots of remote mixing. It doesn’t matter whether the material is recorded here or at any other professional or home studio on the opposite side of the globe – you can always provide the material digitally.


In the mastering stage, the finished mix is taken to a final critical listening session where the possible imperfections are evened out and the music is made ready to be printed. All our mastering sessions include a digital DDP master disc image ready to be sent out for pressing.


In your session, I can act either as only the engineer concentrating on the technical aspects with no artistic input on your music, the producer who aims to guide your art into a form where it best meets your ideals, or anything in between. You decide!

Sound Design

If you need partial or complete creative sound design for your advertisement, film, game or even dance performance, that will be gladly handled! I can either begin completely from scratch, or use your existing materials to create a finished, presentable mix for your project that’s in line with the technical requirements of the target media.

Acoustic Consultation

Proper acoustic conditions are extremely important in spaces where music is played, speeches are given or parties are held. I have worked on a range of spaces from small music venues and 2000 cubic meter sports halls with great success, and can provide assistance in both acoustic design and noise prevention or measurement.


The Recording System

The beating heart of the studio is a modular custom system of carefully picked preamps and processors. The flavors range from vintage classics like the 1073 and AM16 to modern and pristine Apogee preamplifiers. Pick your poison!


The studio’s acoustically tuned monitoring spot is equipped with Dynaudio’s monstrous high-end BM15A active midfield monitors with precise conversion and Sonarworks Refence correction for extremely precise monitoring, and even full PA system when you need to hear things loud. Very loud. 

Wall of amplifiers

If you’re looking to try some new sounds or you can’t bring your own guitar or bass amps, don’t worry. There’s a whole lot of vintage goodness for you to utilize, including a 1976 Matamp White GT120, a Sunn Beta Lead and an Orange OTR, as well as a great selection of cabs such as the 1973 Marshall 4×12 and the good old Orange PPC412. The collection currently holds 11 amps and 9 cabs, and it keeps growing!


There are racks of cool instruments available for your use – guitars, basses and other instruments available for your noise making needs, including guitars, bass guitars, more pedals than you can count, percussion instruments and even some analog synthesizer goodies!


The microphone locker contains a large variety of both modern classics such as the Shure SM7B and vintage goodies like the 70’s Sennheiser MD421.


The final rates are always calculated individually and will vary from project to project depending on your needs, and I’m always willing to discuss what we can do within your budget. Here are some general guidelines on the rates:

– 1-2 days: 300€ per 8 hour day
– 3+ days: 250€ per 8 hour day

– 1-3 songs: 180€ per song
– 4-6 songs: 160€ per song
– 6+ songs: 140€ per song

– Single: 50€
– EP: 100€
– Album: 200€

All prices include 24% VAT. For projects recorded at Tainted Studio, mixing can be provided for a discount of -75% and free mastering is included! In projects where recording is included, a deposit of 50% of the total sum is required when booking, the latter 50% being due once the session starts. In mixing and mastering projects the total sum is billed when booking.

Get in touch and request a quote for precise pricing on your project!


If you need a quote for your project, require any extra information or just want to chat and talk shop, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Feel free to call, send an e-mail or use the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

TELEPHONE: +358 440 199 666
E-MAIL: jarkko at