I’m Jarkko Mattheiszen and I offer mixing, mastering, on-location recording and sound design services both remotely and in Southern Finland. I started poking around in the realm of audio engineering sometime in the early 2000’s and in 2009 Tainted Studio kicked off as a registered company, having since existed in numerous forms from a modest mobile setup to a professional recording studio.

At the moment I carefully hand-pick the projects I work on, and my strengths lie within the genres of punk, dirt, fuzz, doom, ambient and alternative rock and roll. During the years I’ve worked on well over a hundred releases, including artists such as Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster, Fuzz Forward, Rodent Epoch, Tyhjä, Telescope, Lewis & The Strange Magics, Madred, Deadneck, Warfare State, King Coyote and so on, having had the pleasure to capture everything from symphony orchestras to minimalistic ambient soundscapes and full-on blast beat havoc.

I also work in live sound and lighting, but as my schedule on that front is pretty much full to the brim, I’m pretty picky on the gigs I can accept.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you out with your album, be it producing or handling the vinyl mastering or anything in between, I’d much appreciate if you dropped me an e-mail describing your music and what sort of services you require. You can also call or approach me on WhatsApp.